Cellulite & Fat Reduction Solutions



VelaSlim works by breaking down fat cells and is suitable for treating areas with a larger amount of fat also incorporates  radiofrequency for skin tightening.

Frequently Asked Questions​

VelaSlim uses a combination of suction, rolling, and pulsating to stimulate the fat locked within the deep tissue.
This specific suction and gentle kneading motion, regenerating of the skin thickening fibroblasts, triggers ‘lipolysis’, the breakdown of fat cells, releases tight bundles of fat and skin tissue to soften the appearance of cellulite – and boosts lymphatic flow.


Is ideal for destroying  stubborn body fat areas,  tighten skin and reduce cellulite at the same time. Also is suitable even for treating areas with a larger amount of fat.

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These photographs are all 100% real results from our clients.

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