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Radio Frequency


Tighten the skin, renew collagen, treat stretch marks pitted scars, smooth skin truly is a multipurpose and beneficial treatment suitable for a wide range of ages and skin types.

Frequently Asked Questions​

A tissue regeneration cream will be applied to the treatment area, this helps the handpiece to glide over the skin and also helps to conduct the frequency. The device will be used directly on the target area, The equipment is placed onto the skin and is moved with continuous circular and sweeping motions. Radiofrequency are transmitted through the skin, heating to 40 – 50 degrees Celsius (you will feel a pleasant warmth), after a few minutes of treatment you may actually be able to feel the treatment working as the collagen fibers gently contract, immediately tightening the skin making it look and feel firmer, while the increase in circulation of blood and lymph deep inside the skin further assist the body’s natural detoxification process while creating a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Radio Frequency

Stimulates the formation of new collagen and improves skin elasticity resulting in smoother, tighter skin.

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These photographs are all 100% real results from our clients.

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