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The Shape Up treatment is for those who want to target multiple body concerns at once!
Your therapist will create a customised combination of different technologies that target fat cells and sculpt multiple body areas, while also tightening the skin – all in one visit.

Exclusive member treatment

Multi-modal treatment

Using a combination of two technologies per session to target most common problem areas all together.

Maintenance treatment

We’ve dedicated years to researching the best treatment to maintain your body goals.

Affordable treatment

Keep your body in shape without breaking the bank! Our innovative Shape Up gives you savings and amazing results.

Shape Up Treatments

Get ready to make your journey smooth and swift with our Shape up session! You get unlimited access to the best treatments that combine technology, affordability, and comfort – so you can keep looking amazing without straining yourself at the gym. Plus, we’ll be by your side every step of the way. Now that’s something worthy of a celebration!