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How Our 5-Week Plan Works

Through a combination of Fat Freezing, Laser Lipo, or HIFU, Fat Cavitation we use 7 different non-invasive body sculpting devices to help you reduce size, burn fat, firm up your skin, increase collagen, and help with water retention.

We create a customised body transformation plan that targets larger areas of your body, so you can reach your body goals quicker.

Our Guarantee


Treat multiple areas


Personalised to your body


Sometimes, Your Body Just Needs A Little Help...

For safe, natural toning and fat loss, your body needs a little time to adjust. Our body sculpting process uses your body’s own systems to break down fatty tissue. Our non-invasive body contouring technology uses energy to break down your fat’s layers, causing the fat cells to gradually die. These cells are then drawn into your lymphatic system where they’re filtered out as waste.

Does Body Sculpting work after one treatment?

Coolsculpting, HIFU, Laser Lipo, Fat Cavitation, Velashape and more these are non-invasive procedures that need to work together—Here’s the truth: you’re not going to see significant change after just one session. We need to keep stimulating the tissue for a few weeks your body’s fat tissue needs the right stimulation to result in permanent fat reduction, create new collagen structures and flush out the excess energy from your cells. Let our process work its magic. But trust us—it’s definitely worth it.

The Benefits of a 3-in-1 System

We don’t just help you with one body goal—we help you hit three goals in one. We use 7 different non-invasive body sculpting devices to help you reduce size, burn fat, firm up your skin, increase collagen, and help with water retention. This is all about helping you feel more confident in your body, so we tailor your treatment to your body goals, targeting three areas in one program.

Fat Reduction


Skin Tightening


Body Sculpting & Contouring


What Body Areas Does It Include?

Choose From One of Four Plans, Based On Your Needs


Lower & Upper

+ Sides



+ Buttocks

+ Thighs



Upper Back


+ Flanks



+ Thighs


Want To Know How Much Your Treatment Will Cost?

Learn which procedures are right for your body, try our quick and fun quiz.

Who is the best candidate?

These are the people we recommend the plan


We Mean It—We’re Committed to Your Results

This is a practical, 5-week body transformation program that uses science-backed processes to help you reduce fat and tone up. So, we want to make sure the time and money you invest with us is worth it.

If you don’t love your results, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means we’ll provide extra treatments until we find the one that’s right for your body type.


Here’s What Your 5-Week Body Transformation Plan Looks Like


We discuss your needs and talk through your body goals, take your initial measurements, and perform a full body scan to identify your fat percentage and BMI.

We then select a number of different technologies that will help you target the parts of your body where you want to lose fat, tone up, and slim down. We also provide you with a 5-week eating plan, and weekly one-on-one support meetings, to help you keep your motivation high during this unique program

WEEKS 1 & 2

Your body transformation starts with a combination of fat reduction and body contouring treatments. We begin by using multiple procedures to target the larger areas of fat that you want to budge, which is more effective than starting on smaller pockets.

WEEKS 3 & 4

We move on from the larger areas you’re looking to reduce, and focus on melting away unwanted fat and inches in those smaller pockets. To make sure your skin remains nice and firm, you’ll receive skin tightening treatments that help prevent sagging as you lose fat. This helps to gently build up and remodel collagen within your skin, which helps to keep things firm, and even improve stretch marks.


This is your final week. In this session, we use Body Sculpting and Detox therapy to eliminate unwanted toxins that are stored in fat cells, and remove them from your body. This is what helps your results last, and also works to increase your metabolism, so you can keep the size off for longer, and help you improve your health at the same time.

Once your 5 Week Body Transformation Plan has been completed, we’ll book a review to assess your progress. We’ll talk through your experience, show you before and after photos, provide advice on keeping the weight off for the long term, and help you see the incredible results for yourself.

The moment you step inside the clinic, the environment is very welcoming and you feel comfortable ! I have to say they know their stuff.. Luisa is such an amazing person who always makes you feel relax and comfortable She explained everything I need to know before the treatment begun .
Also the best part " the treatment I had actually works. I lost 3cm just only 1 Lipo laser treatment off course you need to have a good diets throughout the treatment, but it helps reduce the size of my lower abdomen. I had 2 size down on my pants/jeans size which I'm still so amazed by how quick the result was.
Very professional and friendly staff! Thank you so much Luisa 🙂 I have such a great experience with BSA and can't recommend highly enough for BSA specially Luisa xx

Theresia Lesly

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Melbourne, we’re here to help you love your body. Come and visit us to discuss how fat reduction and body contouring can help you live your best life.

So for the best body contouring in Melbourne (we think so, at least), get in touch with us today and book in your consultation. We can’t wait to meet you, and help you on your journey.

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      What's Your Body Concern?
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