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3D Radio Frequency

Tighten & Tone Loose Skin

Radio Frequency treatments are a great way toΒ tighten skin, renew collagen and treat stretch marks.

The 3D RF energy stimulates the formation of new collagen protein in your cells which helps you achieve tighter skin. It is truly a multipurpose and beneficial treatment suitable for a wide range of ages and skin types.

This unique technology provides controlled volumetric tissue heating to two distinct tissue depths. Radio Frequency (RF) treatments can create dramatic change without the need for invasive surgery or even topical anaesthesia. An added benefit is that there isΒ no downtime therapy. RF energies are delivered to the tissue with continuous contact cooling which provides additional comfort and epidermal protection. It stimulates collagen contraction and promotes the production of new collagen over several months, giving you firmer, tighter skin.

3D RF uses a specially designed handle to protect the skin, even under intense radio frequency energy, which enables a comfortable procedure without harm.

Benefits of 3D Radio Frequency

Reduction of skin laxity

3D RF treatment stimulates the long-term production of stronger and new collagen, helping to lift and tighten sagging skin without downtime.

tighten loose skin

High thermal 3D RF energy stimulates collagen contraction to ensure smooth and firm results.

Remodels and Regenerates

RF energy causes shrinkage in collagen fibres at the dermis which consequently stimulates the production of new collagen fibres for firmer and more toned skin.

The lowdown of 3D Radio Frequency


Does it hurt?

The 3D RF treatment is practically a pain-free procedure and is surprisingly comfortable.Β 


Is 3D RF a safe procedure?

Yes, indeed! No danger of infection or complications. The procedure is painless and has very little side effects. All of our technology is of the highest quality and is medical grade.


How long between treatments?

Each of your treatments will be scheduled approximately 2 weeks apart from each other. This will allow your body to heal and more collagen to be produced.


What can I expect after 3D RF?

You will feel an immediate tightening of your skin in the treated area, as the heat from the 3D RF contracts the network of collagen fibres.

3D Radio Frequency Reviews😍

People ask about 3D Radio Frequency

How Radio Frequency works?

A tissue regeneration cream will be applied to the treatment area, this helps the handpiece glide over the skin and also helps to conduct the frequency. The device will be used directly on the target area. It is placed onto the skin and is moved with continuous circular and sweeping motions. Radiofrequency is transmitted through the skin, heating to 40 – 50 degrees Celsius (you will feel a pleasant warmth). After a few minutes, you may actually be able to feel the treatment working as the collagen fibres gently contract, immediately tightening the skin making it look and feel firmer. The increase in circulation of blood and lymph deep inside the skin further assists the body’s natural detoxification process while creating a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Benefits of Radio Frequency

As we age, the skin’s elasticity declines dramatically, and gravity constantly pulls on our bodies. Radio frequency stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen, which is the major support structure for the skin, while also reducing the fat content of the skin.

With a course of skin tightening treatments, your collagen increases, the dermis becomes thicker and the skin naturally tightens. This helps to create healthier, firmer skin and a younger-looking appearance.

What does Radio Frequency feel like?

Radio frequency for skin tightening body treatment is an enjoyable experience. Plus, you can carry on with your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Does Radio Frequency Have any Side Effects?

The Radio frequency skin tightening treatment is completely non-invasive and painless and there is no recovery time.

30 minutes of cardio exercise is required within 12 hours of each treatment and drinking 2 litres of water is highly recommended to ensure the metabolic β€œfuel” is burnt off by the body and the body flushes out the toxins that are released during treatment.

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