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We are the first clinic in Melbourne to offer Focushape HIFU  this is the latest non-invasive treatment that uniquely uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to permanently destroy fat cells without harming the surface of the skin

This procedure will remove fat cells and tighten skin with no downtime, allowing you to achieve your body goals by seeing 20-40% fat reduction.

With five million treatments and counting across 53 countries, HIFU is the No.1 non-surgical body contouring system in the world. It’s a completely non-invasive body contouring system designed to both permanently destroy fat cells and tighten the skin at the same time on numerous areas of the body, with no surgery or downtime. Focushape uses HIFU energy that is particularly effective in treating deposits of excess fat in large areas of the body (such as the stomach, love handles and thighs) where it’s often hard to remove fat through diet and exercise alone.

HIFU Focushape is a revolutionary new treatment that permanently eliminates stubborn fat and tightens your skin at the same time. Unlike other treatments, Focushape uses HIFU  an advanced form of ultrasonic energy to target only those unwanted cells with high levels in just one session! The 2-in-1  modality of this advanced technology will contour and sculpt large body areas without any downtime or side effects.

Benefits of HIFU

visible results in 1 session

You can expect to see a 20-40% reduction in fat each session, some patients notice a 5-30% reduction in fat immediately after the treatment.

Stubborn fat pockets

Advanced non-surgical 2-in-1 HIFU Focushape technology available can effectively treat excess fat deposits in stubborn areas, which are resistant to diet and exercise alone.

Target deep fat

HIFU permanent fat reduction is not limited to an applicator, meaning you can treat as large or as small of an area as you need.

The lowdown on HIFU


Does HIFU treatment hurt?

HIFU is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment with no surgery or downtime. Most patients do not experience discomfort, mainly feeling the moisture on the hand piece and a warm sensation from the HIFU energy.


Who is suitable for HIFU?

Ideal candidates are those with a normal BMI (18.5 to 25). Essentially these people present with a healthy to slight abundance of subcutaneous fat with small bulges or “stubborn” fat which they want to reduce.


How long between HIFU treatments?

The number of treatments is generally determined by the individual, and the amount of fat that needs to be removed. Most patients typically require 3 to 4 treatments. These treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart.


What can I expect after HIFU?

HIFU permanently eliminates fat cells. You can expect to see a  5-30% reduction immediately after the treatment. This treatment is completely non-invasive and fat cells are eliminated naturally through the body’s lymphatic system. You can expect to see full results after 6 weeks which can continue up to 12 weeks.

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People ask about HIFU

How HIFU focushape works?

Focushape is a non-invasive body sculpting procedure that uses focused pulsed ultrasound for selective fatcell destruction. It’s not like anything out there.

HIFU ultrasound energy destroys the walls of fat cells in your body, releasing the fat in the form of triglycerides. The triglycerides are then processed through the liver and eliminated from the body naturally. The surrounding tissue, nerves, and muscle are left unharmed.

HIFU was developed by an internationally renowned plastic surgeon and a physicist specializing in the use of high power ultrasound to destroy blood clots. Who knew it would someday be used to destroy belly fat?

Benefits of HIFU

HIFU can treat a number of areas, including the tummy (abdomen), love handles (flanks), double chin (submental area), bingo wings (upper arms), bra fat, man boobs (pseudo gynaecomastia), saddle bags (other thighs), inner thighs and even your knees.

Hifu delivers targeted, pulsed, non-thermal ultrasound, which causes fat cells to implode and degenerate. Over time, the body gradually eliminates these dead fat cells through the natural waste process, resulting in permanent fat reduction. Because these treatments involve no thermal damage, no extreme heating, or cooling they cause no post-procedural swelling or inflammation. Most patients see initial results as early as two weeks after their first treatment.

What does HIFU feel like?

And unlike other fat reduction procedures that use heat or freeze fat, HIFU is virtually painless and leaves no visible signs of treatment. Aside from a tingling or warming feeling during the procedure, most people experience little to no discomfort. Because of the measured energy of the HIFU technology, fat cells should be destroyed without harming the skin or nearby nerves, blood vessels, and muscles.

Does HIFU have any side effects?

Because the procedure involves no incisions and causes minimal to no discomfort, it does not require anaesthesia. Patients lie on their back or sides, providing easy access to the treatment area.

Most patients like the fact more areas can be treated in the same amount of time.

And the best part about HIFU? If you maintain your weight with a healthy lifestyle, the results of the procedure are permanent.

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