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Showing off a well-formed figure without rolls becomes an eternal problem. Hours at the gym, poorly prescribed diets to eliminate body fat. So, most of us think that the only way is liposuction. According to some experts, they confirm that there is another way out, reducing localised fat with reduction therapy that allows to break, remove and dissolve adipose tissue or fat. State of the art Demand of the sector Aesthetics is a trend of today that.

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Fat Freezing
Fat freezing, also known as Cryolipolysis is an excellent option due to its simple, safe and easy handling. Its various applicators of different sizes are perfect for treating all areas of the body optimally. Individual treatment protocols allow us to respond to the needs of each patient.
This treatment is recommended for clients who are active and just want a little bit more help with stubborn fats and skin tightening. The energy of the HIFU is effective in treating deposits of excess in large areas of the body where it is often hard to remove through diet and exercise you see results in 3 weeks.
Lipcav uses a combination of ultrasonic cavitation and pulse mode allowing us to break down the membrane of our fat cells. This combination of ultrasonic cavitation and rf aids in a new collagen remodelling to tightening sagging and lax skin. Also using a combination of suction and pulsating to stimulate the fat cells that are locked in within deep tissue.
Laser Lipo
Laser Lipo reduces persistent pockets of fat with the assist of heat from the laser light energy allowing the fat cells to liquify. Fat Freezing treatment this highly innovative  non-surgical lipo system allows you to target fat deposits and reduce them permanently. This method cools fat deposits for a longer period of time in a safe and controlled temperature range. Studies have shown a significant improvement in results when combined with other modalities.

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3-in-1 System

A Multimodal treatment plan combines fat reduction, skin tightening and body sculpting treatments to reduce fat from multiple angles. Sometimes one non-surgical treatment alone cannot control the fat growth but combining treatments offers clients better results.

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Specialised body sculpting & contouring customised to treat a number of concerns. Treatments starting at a price point that everyone can afford.

Brazilian Body Contouring

Latin women have many secrets to getting a sculpted body. We use a combination of best high-tech and Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage contouring techniques.

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