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Reduce Fat Around Stomach

Abdominal fat what we do

The abdominal plan is an excellent alternative for people who want an exclusive treatment in where we target the full abdomen upper, lower and waist.

Leaving aside the consequences that the ‘muffin top’ has for our image, this accumulated fat in the abdominal area has a negative effects on health.

Benefits from Abdominal:

Treatment in Action

Optimal combination of treatments personalised to your needs.

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Multimodal approach
Here are the four latest technologies to look amazing suitable for a touch-up in a short amount of time, it is the best alternative if you have a special event or a trip that is coming up since it combines 4 technologies for body shaping and fat reduction + activates the Collagen from the skin to remove dead cells.
Initial Consultation
Step 1: We perform a body scan analysis, that extracts and captures millions of data from your body in a matter of seconds to identify all the measurements and defines the objectives of the Sculpt Me Plan. It allows us to identify the metabolic rate, to identify before and after, and it has a calorie and exercise calculator that allows us to know when you will obtain results.
Week 1 & 2
Step 2: We perform a fat reduction treatment with high intensity focused ultrasound, a non-invasive procedure that allows us to reduce up to 15% of fat to be treated. It is designed to manipulate adipocytes in the subcutaneous fat layer. Or, failing that, we perform Laser lipo or cavitation depending on body type and shape. These non-invasive treatments allow us to reduce up to localised fat per area to be treated.
Week 3 & 4
Step 3: Brazilian Manual lymphatic drainage is essential and key after the measures reduction procedures, to activate the lymph glands and nodes of the body that expel the fat burned by other technologies. Fat Freezing treatment this highly innovative non-surgical lipo system allows you to target fat deposits and reduce them permanently. This method cools fat deposits for a longer period of time in a safe and controlled temperature range. Studies have shown a significant improvement in results when combined with other modalities.
Week 5
Step 4: Skin Tightening Variety of options and mix technologies to tighten the skin. The combination of Bipolar Radiofrequency generates intense heat into our connective tissue and manages to mobilise fats through our lymphatic system. Red LEDs oxygenate and nourish by activating metabolism. We manage to reduce body volume, reshape the contour and helping toning muscles. Measurements & results!

Before & Afters

These photographs are all 100% real results from our clients.

Sculpt Me

“Sculpt Me Stomach” plan is a 5-week plan that brings together our best devices, the treatment itself is 100% personalised and unique in Melbourne since it is a direct treatment to each client in a specific way in several sessions, technology and area to be treated, this way a package does not mean it is the same as another, our objective being to know the particular need of each of our patients and to accompany them in the treatment process until the objective is achieved.

Body Assesment

Before every treatment we conduct a consultation where we discuss your options, take measurements, do a body scan which allows us to measure body fat, percentage, weight, water weight and much more, we then take photos to have as a before to compare photos after treatments have been completed.

Helping You

We are not here just to make you look good on the outside, but we are here to guide you to a healthier lifestyle and to help you rebuild your confidence.

Choose Technology

Each plan is different for every client because not everyone has the same body type or have the same amount of body fat, each machine we use on a client we do not like to use more than 2-3 times as our body gets used to it, we like to use different amounts of machines as possible to maximise your result.

Measuring Results

This is the final step of your package which is reassessing your body meaning we take measurements, do a body scan and take photos again to compare results from before treatment to after treatment.

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