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Unique 5-Week Plan
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Definitely worth

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Why the plan ...

Stop the frustration and trying to find the best solution possible for those stubborn areas. With this plan, you can access the latest in body sculpting plus more! over 12 treatments that combining each other experience multiple benefits all in one tailored plan.



Treat multiple areas



Wait for the process

Our body needs little time..

From the science of non-surgical procedures which uses our own body systems to break down fatty tissue and synthesis cholesterol. by reducing energy from fat layers, these process causes the fat cells to die gradually during 5 weeks we can also stimulate collagen structures to grow and reduce the water retention. The digested fat cells are sent to the lymphatic system to be filtered out as waste this process doesn’t happen over night.

Maximise your results

Combination what are the benefits for you?

Achieving multiple benefits like reducing size, increasing collagen, helping the water retention in some areas and much more important working in larger areas are only possible when we combine different devices. How can we tailored treatments if only have one treatment? Does not make sense is not?.. With more than 12 devices we just want to give it all to you without restrictions.

Fat Reduction


Skin Tightening


Sculpting & Contouring


What body areas does it include?

We have 4 plans for you to choose your need

Belly Fat

Thighs & Buttocks

Love Handles

Cellulite Reduction

Who is the best candidate?

These are the people we recommend the plan

Trainee Lovers

for those who struggle ..

Athletes and people that look after themselves do the right thing eat a balanced diet.. Also struggle with some concerned areas.
Definitely worth it to think for A non-surgical solution that help to shift the small positives changes.

Easy ones..

doing it smarter no harder

If you want to have wine here and then.. enjoy pasta here and then… and gyms are not the favorite place for you to go. But you know this is time to focus on you! And looking for step in stone to keep you motivated the 5week plan is defiantly worth it. And will keep you in the right track giving you freedom to still enjoy the things you like the most..

Hormones fighter

taking control

Those who are fighting the battle with hormones for any reason.. Pregnancy, before, during or after menopause or simply have been in medication. And looking for a handing hand that can offers you the support and keep the motivation high!
Must try the 5week plan.. Definitely worth it

for him

love handles

If you feeling frustrated.. We totally get you! And the 5week plan does help guys to reduce love handles.

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Here’s What Your Body Plan Looks Like…

Initial Assessment

We select a number of different technologies, all of which help you to lose fat and inches, quickly and safely to achieve your body goals.

Using a tested eating plan, along with weekly one to one support, you will really keep your motivation on a high

WEEK 1 & 2

When you join the body transformation plan, we will put together a combination of fat reduction treatments.
The combination is most effective at treating larger areas of fat, rather than small pockets, using this fat reduction technique, we can treat almost any area on the body, even hard to reach areas that other procedures can’t treat!

Week 3 & 4

These weeks are designed to melt away unwanted fat and inches and to make sure your skin remains nice and firm, you’ll receive skin tightening treatments to prevent saggy skin as you lose fat.
This helps to gently build and remodel collagen within the skin

Week 5

Sculpting and Detox therapy eliminates the body of toxins stored in fat cells, increases metabolism and become healthier.
Once your body plan has been completed, we will book a review and assess your progress, not only will you see incredible and rapid results, but we’ll help you maintain that weight loss long-term

Come and visit us!

Salient Powered

If you prefer talk to us instead of doing our online quiz.. We would love to meet you! It is always better the human element is not?

The moment you step inside the clinic, the environment is very welcoming and you feel comfortable ! I have to say they know their stuff.. Luisa is such an amazing person who always makes you feel relax and comfortable She explained everything I need to know before the treatment begun .
Also the best part " the treatment I had actually works. I lost 3cm just only 1 Lipo laser treatment off course you need to have a good diets throughout the treatment, but it helps reduce the size of my lower abdomen. I had 2 size down on my pants/jeans size which I'm still so amazed by how quick the result was.
Very professional and friendly staff! Thank you so much Luisa 🙂 I have such a great experience with BSA and can't recommend highly enough for BSA specially Luisa xx

Theresia Lesly

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