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Maintenance Treatment

Maintain Your Results

Following a series of Body Sculpting treatments we have had clients who have maintained their results for years. However, this will obviously vary from person to person and depend on how well a client will follow through on the instructions we provide to best maintain their results.

As a general rule, a touchup every 3 to 6 months is reasonable to expect. Cellulite is a chronic condition so some maintenance is needed, although much of this will depend on the person and their habits.

Shape Up Designed For You

Our Shape Up Treatment is designed to help you unlock your fat stores whilst maintaining a healthy metabolism and protecting your lean muscle.

 Shape Up Treatment Benefits

  • Includes a number of different technologies
  • Personalised and tailored to your needs
  • Target multiple areas per visit

Here’s what your Shape Up Treatment looks like…

Much more than a treatment


Your Plan

Disk Space





Mix & Match 2 treatments per visit 

stomach + Flanks + Thighs + hips

free body scan


Shape Up treatment 50% off sale!

Package of 6 Treatments $510

Maintain a well-shaped body
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To Boost Your Results!
 20 Minutes treatment (add-on) often combined with another add-on or single treatment


Lymphatic circulation

Radio Frequency

Collagen stimulation

Electro Therapy

Muscle toning

Mineral Light

Cellulite reduction


              Effective & Affordable

Upper Back Fat



Inner Thighs

 Give yourself the gift of a great body!

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The Secret to looking younger

One of the secrets to looking and feeling younger...Is your body should look in great shape.

3 Month  PLATINUM  Membership

  • 1 Exclusive Shape Up treatment per month
  • 1 Fat Freezing on two areas
  • 3 Sauna  Detox visits
  • 3 Body scan analysis 

SALE $570

Total Value $1,213 You Save $643


6 Month  DIAMOND  Membership

  • 1 Exclusive Shape Up treatment per month
  • 2 Fat Freezing on two areas
  • 6 Sauna  Detox visits
  • 6 Body scan analysis 

SALE $1,117

Total Value $2,374 You Save $1,257

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