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What’s the best way to get rid of some extra fat? The approach you should take depends on a few factors. One of those factors is whether you’re trying for fat loss or whether your goal is weight loss.

You might be thinking: aren’t they the same thing? Not quite. Although there are some similarities between fat loss and weight loss, the end result (and the process) is often different.

What is Weight Loss?

When people talk about weight loss, they’re usually talking about a reduction in a person’s overall body mass and size. Depending on the weight loss method you use, you’re likely to lose some combination of fat, water weight, and muscle.

What is Fat Loss?

Fat loss is pretty simple. It refers to the removal of fat cells from your body. The fat loss won’t cause you to drop a significant amount of weight — unless you somehow have a significant amount of fat removed all at once. This isn’t recommended, as it’s only considered safe to remove a small amount of fat at a time.

Do You Want to Lose Weight or Fat?

It’s possible to beat what’s considered a healthy weight and still have some unwanted fat. When that’s the case, trying to lose weight can be a frustrating experience. You might not be able to drop kilos and still eat a healthy diet. Or, you might find that you lose some weight, but the extra fat persists. In that case, trying to get rid of the unwanted fat is usually the most appropriate course of action.